are you...



has so many innovative ideas but no time to work on them.



is a developer with the right skills to bring a new idea to life.



has creative profile that is a perfect match for an innovative company.



already has an invention (prototype) that he wishes to license.



with a great idea and we want to find the right investors.



Innovative companies all over the world are interested in creative professionals. And we connect them to your profile directly over mobile.


Ever wished that you could get your CV or Professional Profile sent directly to your dream company’s HR’s Manager? Today with Impresso your will be able to do just that! With the right profile we will be able to promote your resume directly to the HR’s manager’s mobile.


Save your ideas or connect to the ones you love

By connecting to innovative ideas you are on your first steps in creating your unique professional profile and also potentially becoming an innovator or even an inventor!


Impresso allows you to save all your ideas in one place. Keep it a secret from other users or share it to be able to grow and expand your ideas. You will also be able to find ideas and projects that are of your personal interest, the ones that resonates with who you are professionally or from a consumer perspective just wishing for someone to start selling it!


Participate or Collaborate on new ideas

You can join any innovative idea as a user or a developer. You earn impresso points with your contributions and you make money when the product is sold.Upgrade yout profile!


 Impresso is the first mobile platform that allows for anyone with a mobile connection to become an innovator or an inventor. Anyone can participate in new ideas or projects and earn money when the idea takes off and hits the market. You make money once the idea is developed to a stage where you have the opportunity to sell or license it to companies or to investors.


Contribute or develop

Impresso partners with different platforms and companies all over the world to help bring new ideas to life. To showcase your contributions on products closely linked to companies of your interest.


At Impresso our goal is to help you connect, develop and promote yourself, your ideas and even new products to make you money. We are developing partnerships with societies, organizations and companies around the world to help provide the necessary support and eco-system. These can range from IP protection, Prototyping services and Online project management platforms.


Sell your profile or license your idea

Start promoting your new creative profile to the right companies. Or if your new product is ready, start promoting it to the right companies.


Congratulations, you are an inventor! Whether you have developed your idea on your own or through a team, Impresso is the first mobile app that allows you to promote, sell or license your ideas directly to companies that are interested in them. Impresso does all the hard work for you as trying to reach companies and investors on your own is a tough mountain to climb.

All of our features to love

Talking with companies and people from different backgrounds and demographics we have designed our platform to be suite the needs of the community.


Creative Professional Profile

Why be on a professional networking platform where anyone can write what they like. On Impresso one has the opportunity to be unique and truly recognized.


Dream Job Connection

Your Impresso profile is shared directly over mobile with company HR personnel interested in your creativity and passion that they value.


Start-up Friendly

If you are a start-up there is no better place to share and grow your ideas. And to be able to promote your product to investors globally directly from your mobile.


Proof of Work

At Impresso your contributions to the idea or product is real proof of work. Promoting your professional interest to respective industries, your skills and capabilities.


Amazingly Simple

We believe we have made the most amazing APP. For anyone to be able to promote their ideas and have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.


Safer Collaboration

Unlike other collaborative platforms, Impresso provides a safe keeping option where individual collaborators can submit their works, minimizing the risk of thief.